Why You Should Seek Help

If you or someone you know snores, feels chronically fatigued, has trouble concentrating, staying awake during the day, or feels depressed, you may have an undiagnosed sleep disorder.

Reasons you shouldn’t wait

  • You’ll sleep better and feel better
  • Your quality of life and relationships are jeopardized
  • You are at risk for stroke, high blood pressure, heart attack, heart failure
  • You may have sleep apnea and not know it
  • Your undiagnosed OSA is costing you money
  • Your risk of accidents is much higher
  • Your undiagnosed OSA may be shortening your life
  • Your sleep loss is associated with irritability, anger, and hostility
  • You are not reaching N3 sleep resulting in lowering hormones that suppress appetite, causing weight gain
  • Lack of proper sleep can cause decreased libido and erectile dysfunction
  • Treatment may make it easier to lose weight